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On January 10, 2021, at a joint meeting of the mothers and daughters of the Milton Chapter of the National Charity League, Dr. Jeannine Jannot joined and did a virtual presentation regarding stress management. Milton Chapter Patroness Dawn Reed, whose older daughter is a Ticktocker in the Chapter, found that Dr. Jannot provided insights about how you can make stress work for you. Ms. Reed’s take away was, “Our mindset around stress and how we think about it is really important. Changing our mindset is possible. Identify the stressor; figure out why something is important to you; figure out what you need from your stress response; and reframe your thinking to support your goal. Our stress works to protect us, energize us, and connect us.” The Milton Chapter is grateful to Dr. Jannot for giving of her time and her wealth of knowledge.

"Jeannine Jannot has presented for our educational training company, CEU Creations, multiple times.  Jeannine is passionate about helping others to live their best lives – and is a wealth of information!  Sharing topics such as “Rethinking Stress and Productivity”, Jeannine is able to both engage and inform her audience.  Using humor, interactive exercises and thought challenges – she is a skilled and masterful presenter.  I highly recommend Jeannine and her very important “words of wisdom” that she shares!"

Anne McSweeney, LCSW, President

CEU Creations

"No one understands what our kids are going through better than Dr. Jannot. She articulates the challenges so well. And, provides great strategies to start to address them. The Disintegrating Student is a must read for parents and educators."

Chris Shearer, Principal

Johns Creek High School

"Dr. Jannot goes beyond identifying and discussing issues that students face today, she also offers practical solutions to them. This is what makes her a huge hit with all the parents.  They leave with a list of actionable suggestions to try to make the improvements they seek."

Fairyal Halim 

Certified Speaker and trainer with the ISB 

Chairperson for Parent Education at Cambridge High School

Milton Herald

February 15, 2021

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