Productivity Coach

Productivity coaching is customized for individuals who have a vision but need help with the execution. Learn how to feel less busy, yet accomplish more each day. Learn how to manage your time, energy and attention; identify your highest-impact tasks; and gain control over maintenance and support tasks that repeatedly hijack your time and energy. 

Student & Parent Coach

Academic coaching is customized to help students and parents navigate today's high-pressure, high-stakes educational environment. Students identify the root causes of issues and learn strategies to achieve success with an emphasis on physical and mental wellness. 


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  • Study Skills & Strategies 

  • Goal Setting

  • Time Management & Procrastination

  • Organization & Executive Functioning

  • Wellness - Sleep, Stress, Screens

  • Relationships 


  • Communication Issues

  • Power Struggles & Setting Limits

  • Lack of Focus & Motivation

  • Issues with Sleep, Stress, Screens

  • Parent Education & Support

The Balanced Student


• How to use a calendar or planner

• Set deadlines
• Decrease procrastination

• Track activity

• Learn why timing matters


• Identify your daily peaks and troughs

• Sleep hygiene for improved energy  

​• Track your energy

• Track your food and water
• Evaluate your social connections


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• Find meaning through your values

• Prioritize
• Break down tasks
• Make work rewarding


• Identify hijackers (e.g., screens, 

   co-workers, children)

• Learn to single-task and focus
• Work, eat and relax mindfully


The Balanced U

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