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Dr. Jeannine Jannot has over 30 years of experience working with children, teens, young adults, and parents. Dr. Jannot has a master's degree in school psychology from The Ohio State University and a doctorate in child and developmental psychology from the University of Connecticut. She founded The Balanced Student in 2014 in response to the struggling students she encountered both in her college classrooms and own home.

Dr. Jannot wrote The Disintegrating Student: Struggling But Smart, Falling Apart, & How to Turn It Around to provide an updated roadmap to navigate the daunting journey through today's high-stakes, high-stress education experience. Today her focus has shifted to include helping parents who are trying to help their children be successful, but find it challenging in the face of all of the pressures and expectations of the toxic achievement culture.

Jeannine Jannot, Ph.D.

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